Providing healthcare stakeholders the ability to predictprioritize and proactively engage their customers in digital  channels – Improving health outcomes, enhancing reputations and spotting revenue opportunities

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People are online and in need of a health solution


of people search the internet first for healthcare information


of patients go online to validate doctors diagnosis
Canary, Consulting, Consultant


Consumers are online and taking charge of their health and wellness choices. Patient communities and friends in social media are becoming trustworthy sources of healthcare information.

Thus, patient and consumer conversations from digital platforms provide a window into what is important to them as they make healthcare decisions.

Digitally savvy marketers in the $1.3 trillion health and wellness market are struggling with understanding relevant customer experiences that would enhance their targeting, increase awareness, engagement and sales.
Canary is creating value in the health and wellness industry through customer behavior intelligence platform.

Canary has experience in building behavioral and segmentation models out of unstructured social media conversations. We use our platform and curation expertise to help key brands hyper segment the market, track and intervene with their end customers.

We have built, tracked and alerted patient / customer segmentation models for leading wellness and pharma brands.


of 18-24 year olds trust health information they get from social media


of patients rely on peer advice for making drug & treatment decisions


purchased an item online after seeing it used by a social media influencer


Canary is a dynamic decision support services organization that enables healthcare proactively engage their patients across the continuum of care to improve health outcomes, develop meaningful relationships and drive awareness.